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Sales Recruiting Experts, You Can Trust

How well does your business find, recruit, and hire high-performing sales talent? If your efforts often send you back to “square one” after you’ve invested considerable time, effort, and money on underperforming candidates, let our experts help.

The Amplify Difference​

Unlike other recruitment firms, Amplify believes in cultivating trust and open communication built on shared goals and mutual success. For two decades, our partners have trusted us to fill vital sales positions in their organizations. Our certified sales recruiters implement our proven hiring approach to expertly vet, interview, and place top-tier sales candidates – guaranteed.

The Amplify Way

Our non-traditional approach provides our clients the most customized acquisition team possible. Here’s what you can expect when working with us:

Experts In Sales Recruiting
High Quality, High Guarantee
Accelerated Placements

Experts in Sales Recruiting

At the heart of our recruitment model is a deep understanding of the evolving trends and challenges within sales. Our certified sales recruiters leverage our proven hiring approach to identify individuals who possess the necessary skills and have a proven track record of achieving sales targets.

High Quality, High Guarantee

We are confident our expert sales recruiters will find a candidate with the experience and skills your position requires. That’s why we are proud to offer a replacement guarantee. We stand behind the quality of our candidates and the thoroughness of our screening process to bring you the most sought-after sales talent. If the candidate does not work out, we will provide you with a replacement candidate at no additional cost. 

*If the candidate or client terminates employment within the Amplify Guarantee time period, Amplify will provide additional candidates at no cost.

Accelerated Placements

We understand every unfilled sales position means lost time and missed opportunities for your organization. This is why our team of expert sales recruiters is dedicated to providing an accelerated hiring process designed to deliver tangible results quickly.

*Placement time based on average historical data. Individual results may vary.