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Amplify Recruiting – your partner for finding sales & sales infrastructure talent

Finding and recruiting top-tier sales talent takes a unique skill set – but it’s our specialty.

74% of hiring managers say they have difficulty filling sales roles.*

Sales Roles

At Amplify, we have a deep understanding of the sales industry and a track record of successfully recruiting for sales and sales leadership roles. Our team of certified sales recruiters will assist you in developing your Ideal Candidate Profile so you will be sure to attract the right person for the right sales seat.

Whether you’re looking for experienced sales representatives, account managers, or sales executives, we have the industry knowledge to recruit talented individuals ready to make an impact in your sales organization.

Our proven hiring approach implemented by our expert recruiters ensure only the most qualified candidates are presented to you, saving you valuable time and resources. Don’t settle for hiring average talent simply to fill your open position – let us help.

While there are hundreds of sales roles we recruit for, below are our most sought-after.

Amplify Recruiting sales team

Staff to Build & Support Your Sales Infrastructure

We understand that building a strong sales infrastructure is equally important for your business success, which is why we also specialize in recruiting staff who possess the skills and expertise required to establish and maintain the foundation for your sales operations. From Human Resource Professionals to C-Suite Executives, we know who to recruit to optimize your sales processes and enhance efficiency.

Let us do what we do best – so you can focus on achieving your business goals.

We specialize in recruiting for various roles to support your organization, including:

Whether recruiting for a sales position or for staff to build and support the sales infrastructure – we’ve got you covered.

* 2021 CNBC Momentive Small Business Q3 Survey & Sales Xceleration LinkedIn Polls

** Prices can vary based on role.