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Improving Your Sales Recruitment and Hiring Process

You have completed your sales hiring process: waded through the sea of resumes, conducted interviews, and finally have your new salesperson in place. Time for them to begin driving revenue for your business, right? Hopefully. But it can be difficult to know if the person you have selected from the candidate pool will meet your sales expectations. And if that pool didn’t include the highest-level talent, you were behind before you even began. How can you be sure that your new sales hire was the top talent available? Your process for recruiting and hiring salespeople is pivotal in answering that question.

Time, Time, Time

Every minute that a sales position is unfilled represents lost revenue, and for that reason you need to fill roles quickly. But often, an extensive (time-consuming) search is needed to find the candidates with the most performance power. Sorting through online databases of resumes can be a dead end and presents an incomplete picture of potential hires. Likewise, online job listings acquire the good, the bad, and the unqualified. Often, the best talent is already taken and reaching them with your opportunity can present a challenge. But finding the time to gather the best possible candidate pool is the first step in hiring sales leaders and salespeople.

Because of the time needed to accomplish this, many businesses turn to recruiting agencies to be their eyes and ears. Outsourcing the recruiting process takes you out of this first step entirely, filtering out potential hires that might be underqualified or an otherwise bad fit for your organization.

The Network

Taking the time to gather candidates also means working your network to find the best possible leads. This is another step in the hiring process that can benefit from utilizing a sales recruiting firm. Recruiting firms expand your network exponentially. No matter how many connections you may have on LinkedIn, they have more. Their only job is to identify leaders in their industry and connect the right people with the right opportunities. A good sales recruiting firm will take the time upfront to gain an in-depth understanding of the position you are looking to fill, and vet candidates from their network to greatly widen your reach.

In Your Corner

In order to find the best sales talent, you need to have someone working with your interests in mind who can focus on only one thing: finding the best possible person for the job. Compare this with expecting in-house personnel to handle the hiring process across departments or in addition to managing their own responsibilities. Smaller businesses may find that they lack the necessary skillset to identify candidates that will generate revenue. Seeking the knowledge and experience of a specialized sales recruiting firm can eliminate this issue and free up company time to concentrate on other objectives.

The best way to guarantee that you select the highest performing sales hires is to have an effective recruiting and hiring process in place. Improving that process starts with partnering with a proven sales recruiting agency.

Follow these Five Steps to Hiring the Right Salesperson to set your company up for more revenue generation or contact us to learn more about our recruiting solutions.