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Hire The Right Candidate The First Time. Guaranteed.

The Amplify Recruiting Difference​

We believe in cultivating trust and open communication built on shared goals and mutual success. For over 25 years, we have partnered with thousands of clients to fill vital postions at significant savings over traditional contingency firms. Our research-based recruiting model stats with sourcing unique candidates specific to the client’s requirements and ends with a guaranteed hire.

Whether recruiting for a sales position or for staff to build and support the sales infrastructure – we’ve got you covered.

6 month guarantee

*If the candidate or client terminates employment within a 6-month time period, we will provide additional candidates at no cost.

High Quality, High Guarantees

We are confident our expert recruiters will find a candidate with the skills and experience the position requires; we guarantee it.* In fact, 98.5% of the candidates we place are successful in their roles and stay with the organization longer than 6 months.

Custom, Targeted Lists

In our experience, passive candidates, individuals that are not currently applying for positions, are often better quality candidates. We, therefore, don’t rely only on incoming applications from active candidates but rather proactively source passive candidates.

Straightforward Pricing

Our three flat-fee tiers allow your clients to calculate costs upfront and budget accordingly. Our non-traditional approach will save your clients up to 73% on recruitment costs without liming the position requirements. 

Amplify Solutions

74% of hiring managers say they have difficulty filling sales roles.* Finding and recruiting top-tier sales talent takes a unique skill set – but it’s our specialty.

Sales Roles

At Amplify, we have a deep understanding of the sales industry and a track record of successfully recruiting for sales and sales leadership roles. Our team of experts will assist your clients in developing the necessary offerings to attract and hire the best sales performers. Your clients should not settle for hiring average talent simply to fill your open position – we can help.

While there are hundreds of sales roles we recruit for, below are our most sought-after positions.

Staff to build and support your sales infrastructure

While our expertise lies in sales, our team has been scaling teams to support the sales infrastructure for over two decades. Let us do what we do best – find top talent, while you do what you do best – achieving your business goals.

We specialize in recruiting for various roles to support your client’s organization, including: 

Proven 5-Step Process

Our proven hiring approach was build to foster the collaboration and clarity needed for our partners’ clients to hire the right candidate the first time.

Step 1: Discovery Call

During this thorough conversation, we will gain an understanding of the specific needs of your open position. We will make important decisions around the following topics, allowing us to build your Ideal Candidate Profile (ICP), which all candidates will be screened against.    
  • Must-have skills. The non-negotiable skills and qualifications a candidate must have to be considered for your position
  • Trade-offs or disqualifiers. The non-negotiable eliminating qualifiers you won’t compromise on
  • Personal attributes. The core values and moral compass your ideal candidate should possess
  • Required education/certifications. The degrees and training your candidate must have
  • Promotional strategy. The details on how we will be reaching your targeted list
  • Compensation/Salary. The range of compensation available in your budget for the commensurate experience
  • Behavioral testing. The parameters of personality, interpersonal skills, thinking styles, and cognitive abilities you will be looking for as a true fit for your position and company culture
  • Deliverable dates and expectations. An estimated timeline for each stage of the hiring process

Step 2: Develop Custom, Targeted Lists

During this step, your dedicated researcher will identify and create a custom candidate list matching your role requirements, comprised of only the most qualified applicants. Our approach includes recruiting active and passive candidates that are:

  • Sourced by industry
  • Sourced by job title
  • Sourced by geography
  • Social networking
  • Networking referrals

Step 3: Qualify & Screen

As candidates begin to apply, we will screen them against the ICP, only moving the most qualified candidates forward. Amplify will begin the interview process by:

  • Conducting a two-step interview and screening process
  • Screening all candidates against your specific hiring criteria
  • Presenting company information, culture, and core values consistently throughout the process
  • Gain complete insight into your candidate pool with our Candidate Status Report

Step 4: Candidate Selection

We will present the most qualified applicants, enabling you to focus on interviewing and selecting the ideal match for your organization. Our interviewing and selection tools will guide you and simplify the final process. We’ll take care of the behind-the-scenes legwork, such as:

  • Coordinating interview schedules
  • Preparing and debriefing candidates
  • Facilitating the hiring process
  • Notifying candidates of next steps

Step 5: Candidate Offer Package

Once you have selected your candidate, our team will coordinate any necessary background checks or screens, as well as prepare and present the final offer package, including:

  • Extending trial offers
  • Preparing offer letters
  • Checking business references
  • Arranging for background checks and drug screens

Our proven 5-step process and unique recruiting approach prevent your clients from repeatedly hiring the wrong person. Here’s how we support your clients: