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Attract Top Talent by Preparing Ahead of the Interview

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Most people heading to a job interview know that preparation is critical to make a good impression and increase the chance of getting a good offer. Because of this, candidates take time to ensure they are ready, doing research on the company and devising answers to potential questions. On the flip side, interviewers within an […]

Your Most Valuable Resource: The Right People in the Right Positions

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Business leaders are fond of saying, “People are your most valuable resource.” It is one of those generic, feel-good statements that seems like the right thing to say, but is it accurate? What if you have employees in positions performing work that they are not particularly good at? Maybe a more precise statement would be […]

The Importance of Building a Top-Performing Sales Team

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I recently met with one of my clients to discuss the company’s sales team. They had ten salespeople on their team. Five of the salespeople had brought in about 40-45% of the company’s revenue, and two others also brought in about 40-45% of his revenue. A bigger problem, though, was the remaining three that only […]

Improving Your Sales Recruitment and Hiring Process

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You have completed your sales hiring process: waded through the sea of resumes, conducted interviews, and finally have your new salesperson in place. Time for them to begin driving revenue for your business, right? Hopefully. But it can be difficult to know if the person you have selected from the candidate pool will meet your […]

Hiring a Sales Team? The Dos and Don’ts of Finding the Right Candidates

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Sales success begins with successful salespeople – usually a team of high-quality, skilled sales performers. What’s the best way to build such a team? Probably not the way you might imagine. Let’s explore one wrong way to build a top-quality sales team and two better ways: The Wrong Way to Find High-Quality Sales Candidates Before […]